E pluribus Universitatibus, Una
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Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values
Biblical Foundations –

The University of America`s biblical foundation is rooted in 2 Timothy 3:17 and founded on being a spiritually , academically and scientifically sound university that offers a holistic education for the 21st century functional man who is well-rounded, perfect, and thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Institutional Foundation Philosophy.

A mission statement

“The University of America is an institution of higher learning that has as its purpose the offering of programs of study in an environment where academic excellence is emphasized and a sound ethics maintained. We are committed to enriching our students spiritually, intellectually, and professionally, and to prepare them to serve God and man in a global and culturally diverse society.”

Vision statement

We shall strive to stand out as one (excellent university) out of many universities in our pursuit of excellence- E pluribus Universitatibus, Una ! Our vision is to create an Equal Access to quality Higher Education for All. We shall offer a top notch all- rounded university education from Judeo-Christian perspectives.

Purpose and Objectives

By Purpose and Objectives, we mean a list of the institutional objectives which are consistent with the institution’s mission statements.

Institutional Objectives

In fulfillment of its mission, The University of America is committed to: Become a licensed, accredited & chartered global university with a high reputation for academic, scientific and moral excellence Become The university at the fore- front of educational Technology and unbridled access to quality and affordable universal college education

To assist every determined students of every state and nation to obtain an American education that is second to none with our Ivy-league Massive Online Lectures from Award-wining professors.

To be a classical university with decades of unflinching high reputation for quality education and lofty ideals. To be an international university at the fore-front of academic and scientific research for mankind better of future .

Constant self-regulation and Quality Assurance and periodic External Peer- Review

7. The University of America is represented accurately and honestly to students, the public, and to the Quality Assurance Agencies as to its Accreditation status (Applicant, Candidate, Accredited, Warning, Probation, or Show Cause) and is accurately presented in all publications and communications including the web-site. The University of America is committed to:

a. Honest and open communication with the Quality Assurance Agencies.
b. Undertaking the Quality Assurance review process with seriousness and candor.
c. Abiding by policies and procedures, including all substantive change policies, Statement of ethical values and standards adopted by the UA is: a. ethically based. b. Approved by the governing board and c. periodically assessed.

Our Distinctive- what set apart from other Universities and colleges?

1.The Award- Winning Experts and Professors- The University of America is proud of its world class faculty and collaborators drawn from all Ivy –League universities and colleges

2. Book & Library- The University owns a vast library of resources both physical and Online

3. Best Programs and Courses- The University of America offers the best and more comprehensive programs and courses with utmost dedication

4. Prestigious Recognitions & Awards- The University of America, its faculty and personnel are recipients of numerous awards including international, national and local private and governmental institutions >

5.Gain a globally Recognized and respectable Credentials from The University of America - A Licensed, Accredited & Chartered global University with a high reputation

6.The university at the fore- front of educational Technology and unbridled access to quality and affordable universal college education

7.Obtain an American education that is second to none with our Ivy-league Massive Online Lectures from Award-wining professors and experts at The University of America-

8.Study with a classical university with decades of unflinching high reputation for quality education and lofty ideals.

9.The University of America gives you the keys that unlocks the door to every treasure vaults after you graduate- study with us- and you will not be the same!

10. Today`s Industry and Market Relevant Programs and Courses- Find the program that most interests you with our guides – covering entry requirements, specializations, career prospects and more. Click on the listings below to find out about available programs in your subject of interest

11. ONE-TO-ONE LEARNING MODEL - In each and every course, one student is paired with one faculty member, resulting in a class size of one. Featuring individualized teaching through feedback, a deeper understanding of the material is achieved and a real relationship built on mutual respect is formed between the professor and the student.

12. FINANCING - Paying for college is a major financial commitment, so we try to keep our tuition and fees as low as possible while still providing a quality academic experience. Financial aid is available to those who qualify and our financial aid team will work with you to create the plan that best works for you.

13. 100% DOCTORAL FACULTY - As part of our commitment to excellence in online higher education, University of America maintains 100% doctoral faculty, most of whom have completed their program of study at a regionally accredited institution of higher education in the discipline in which they teach or develop curricula.

14. ACCREDITATIONS AND CHARTER - License, Accreditation and Charter is a higher education's highest seal of approval for schools, employers, and most importantly, for students. The University of America is licensed to operate by the Government of Curacao (License no: OFS 0649/2019) and gazetted in the official Curacao Commercial Register with no:150998 and is approved to award all academic degrees and titles by the ministerial Charter granted to it by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture & Sports, Curacao with Charter Zaaknr. 2019/38885

15. WHY UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA - At University of America , we are dedicated to providing our students with the personal attention they look for when pursuing advanced education. We take a great amount of pride in our programs and the thousands of graduates who have achieved their goals, be it completing their bachelor's degree, obtaining a Master's degree or successfully defending their dissertation to earn their doctoral degree.

16.GMAT/GRE NOT REQUIRED - Another part of the UoA difference is that, upon application to graduate school, University of America does not require graduate testing such as the GRE or GMAT. This means you have the ability to earn an advanced degree on your own terms.

17.FLEXIBLE START DATE - You shouldn't have to put your education on hold, at University of America , we offer weekly course starts to fit your schedule. With no need to wait for the start of a semester, you can start your educational journey as soon as you're ready.

18. UNIQUE FLEXIBILITY - Most of the Courses at the University of America has no physical residency requirements, which makes us a great fit for working professionals, as well as for military personnel and international students who do not have to relocate or spend money to travel to a campus to complete the online degree.