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The President `s office.

Office of the President is one of the busiest offices in a university establishment. Within the President’s Office, you will find sub- departments like: President’s Office for Quality Assurance, Planning and Standards. President’s Office of Human Resources and Staff Development and others

The President Bio- Data

Prof. Engr. Gamaliel O. Prince President and Vice-Chancellor Professional Skills : Academic Research • Additive manufacturing • AutoCAD • Automotive engineering • CAD/CAM • CAE• Computer programming • Higher education • Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Modeling and simulation • Scientific computing • Scientific Research • Administrative skills, higher education Administration, Scientific rigor, undergraduate , graduate and post graduate Class teaching . Research and thesis supervision, Quality assurance and accreditation. Curriculum design, Science Education , Mathematics Education, Engineering and Technology Education, Fios, Fiber-optics VoIP, Telecommunication and Microwave Technology

Work Experience Vice-chancellor & President• 2016 to present, The University of America. Temecula, California
Provost • 2012 to 2016 The University of America. Murrieta, California
Rector Magnificus •2015 to present The University of America College of Science and Technology• Isuofia, Anambra,
Proctor• 2011 to present University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.North Carolina .
Professorship: Albert Einstein Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, Engineering and Philosophy • 2007 to Present • Temecula, California.
The University of America
Research and Publications
1. Bachelor Project,
2. Master Dissertation,
3. PhD Research thesis.
4. D.Sc Postdoctoral Research thesis
5. Author and Co Author of Numerous Published and unpublished Research and Articles in various Research Journal and scholastic domain
6. Author of an Encyclopedia and over 21 books in various fields
Research/thesis Supervision: Supervised and mentored over 500 theses at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels .
Research Grants Attracted: Have attracted over 41 Million dollars in grants from Siemens for UoA Engineering Department.
Scientific and Technological inventions: Vertical Take-off and Vertical Landing (VToL)
Gamaliel Onyeka (VToL) Air Car Model
Gamaliel Onyeka (VToL) Air Bus Model
Gamaliel Onyeka (VToL) Air Bike Model
Gamaliel Onyeka Watercraft – Flying Shark 1 Model
Awards and Recognitions
1. Ph.C. Chancellor of Philosophy degree award from Board of Regents and Faculty Senate of The University of America November 2018.
2. Distinguished Professor Rank from the Faculty Senate of UoA 2014
3. The U.S. President`s Award from President Donald Trump 2020
4. Recognition of Academic Excellence Award from California State House of Assembly 2018.
5. The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award and Gold Medal for Academic in Science Education from President Obama .2016.
6. Recognition of Academic Excellence Award from California State Senate 2014 Professional Memberships and Fellowships
Fellow International Association of Engineers (FIANG) Hong Kong
Member International Association of Engineers (MIANG) Hong Kong
Member Society of Automotive Engineers (MSAE) Unites States.
Member Society of Manufacturing Engineers (MSME) Unites States
Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers (MASME)
Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers .
Member American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
Member American Astronautical Society ,
Member National Space
Member Sigma Gamma Tau honor Society
Member Vertical Flight Society .
Member Experimental Aircraft etc
Education / Training / Awards
PhC. Chancellor of Philosophy degree Class of 2018
D.Sc. Doctor of Science with Distinction Class of 2009 • Mathematics, Science, Engineering & Technology Education • Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, CAM, CAE, •
PhD. Mathematics with Distinction 2006 • Computational Engineering and Mathematics Education • Mathematics Education •
M.Sc. Mathematics Education and System Engineering with Distinction 2003 •Automotive and Aerospace System Design and Manufacturing Engineering •
B.Sc. Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics First-class Honors • Computer Engineering, Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering • Engineering Mathematics, Further and Advanced Maths. Class of 2001
BA. (Hons) English and Administration • Class of 2013 • Cambridge International College, Britain, Jersey, Channel Islands
Diploma in Business Administration Cambridge International College, Britain, Jersey, Channel Islands
Diploma in Computer and Information Technology Cambridge International College, Britain, Jersey, Channel Islands High School Attended HSD. Century High School Santa Monica, California, USA. High School diploma Boys Secondary School Igbo St. Peter's Special Science School Achina.
* Please note that this bio- did not include all training, education and degrees