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The Chancellor`s Message

''..Lesser minds discuss people ,ordinary minds discuss things, great minds discuss ideas....'' Socrates.

Welcome to the University of America, the institution where great minds are made with great ideas with great tools and great experience. Here, there is no room for mediocrity. Our students are being trained to be the best of the best - revolutionary thinkers , avid leaders, scientists, engineers, technicians, administrators, entrepreneurs, educators, economists, industrialists , philosophers, jurists, theologians and scholars of repute. When you register to study in UoA, you will have the opportunity to learn from reputable international faculty. Study in an international setting, visit important places and people which relate to your studies. You will undertake hands-on practical activities in the laboratories industries, banks and work in various settings that will help you develop work relationships plus practical experience in your subject area before graduating!

Does this sound like where you would want to be? If it is, then take your time to browse through this website, then come and join us in this exciting journey of a life-time.

Yours truly
Dr. Marshall Warneke.
Chancellor /Chairman
Board of Regents and Fellows.