E pluribus Universitatibus, Una

University of America Temecula

UOA Regent

41707 Winchester Road #301 Temecula, CA 92590 - 4832.
United States
Tele: 1951-239-3084
California campus: houses the UA Diploma programs,
UA Divinity School Programs and The UA High School Diploma Programs only.

The University of America is an independent southern Baptist higher institution.

The University of America Divinity School is an independent Baptist institution with its Campus in Temecula California where The university only runs its BPPE California verified exempt religious, theological and ministry – related studies programs through a hybrid of distance-learning and on campus for those theological and ministry – related programs requiring practicum. Our vision is to create an Equal Access to quality Christian Higher Education for All .We offer a top notch all rounded university education from a Judeo-Christian perspectives. A well informed theological and ministerial education .

Government Charter:

The University of America received its corporate charter from the State of California government.

California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

The University of America has fulfilled all the requirements and is not subject to the governmental oversight and is verified exempt by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education ( BPPE) with App. No#31518

Registration and Recognition: The University of America is registered with the US. Department of Education/NCES and assigned the USDE federal recognition IDs: 475237 and A1390051 : to participate in the USDE yearly IPEDS programs. UA is listed in USDE College Navigator official list of all US. recognized colleges and universities.
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The UoA degrees are evaluated as equivalent to US regionally accredited university degrees.

Accreditation /Memberships
Accreditation Bureau For International Colleges, Universities & Schools.
(ABICUS FLORIDA) Is a transnational accrediting and awarding body recognized by Florida Department of Education Commission on Independent Education.ABICUS is not an alternative to regional or National accreditation and therefore accepts only schools, colleges and universities that are authorized, registered, approved, and licensed by their countries ministries of Education.