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Tuition fees and Financial Information (Online study)

Application fees : Non refundable $150
USBICE Earned Credits Evaluation and Transfer fee: $400
Acceptance and Registration fee: $600
Tuition Fees
Undergraduates: $ 50 per 1 Semester Hour X 140 US Semesters
to earn a bachelor degree= $7000.
Postgraduates- Masters:$ $ 100 per 1 Semester Hour X 45 US
Semesters to earn a Master degree online= $4500.

LLB and Postgraduates- Doctorates:$ :$ 150 per 1 Semester Hour X
110 US Semesters to earn a doctorate degree online= $16,500.
All Nursing Law. Medical, Naturopathic Doctorates and PhD Degrees: $30.000 Graduation fees
Undergraduates: $500
Postgraduates- Masters: $750
Postgraduates- Doctorates: $1000
Request a copy of Degree=$500 ,
Request a copy of transcripts=$300,
Request Authentication and notary services $1500
There are Special Tuition discounts and scholarships for affiliates and qualified individuals from the third world and developing nations. Email to see how we can help you