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Our Brief History
Welcome to The University of America!

The University of America is a prestigious international university whose mission is to provide top quality education to students throughout the world by combining both traditional teaching methods and state of the art distance-learning facilities. The university is an independent Baptist American institution based in Curacao, Kingdom of the Netherlands with offices in the United States and other part of the world. With over 4 decades of rich history, the UoA has continued to serve humanity by granting access to affordable and quality university education to all qualified persons in every part of the world without regards to their national, gender, racial , social, political, philosophical, economic status or religious creed.

Our educational philosophy is to constantly pursue greater knowledge and understanding, by maintaining an open and enquiring mind: "To question all things; - never to turn away from any difficulty; to accept no doctrine either from ourselves or from other people without a rigid scrutiny by negative criticism; letting no fallacy, no incoherence, or confusion of thought step by unperceived; ... these are the lessons we learn from the ancient dialecticians."John Stuart Mill, Inaugural address as Rector, University of St. Andrews 1 February 1867."